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Canada Metal (Pacific) Limited
A leading provider of Marine Products, Construction Products, and Industrial solutions
Martyr anodes
Protect your boat from corrosion with Martyr Anodes
The only provider of marine anodes in Zinc, Magnesium, and Aluminum
Titan Marine Chain
World class marine chain, anchor rodes, lines and shackles for every type of boat
Titan Marine Products
Legend Roofing Flashing
Reliable roofing products for commercial and residential applications
Legend Roofing Products
Intelisteer Wireless steering
Wireless Steering Solutions


 A new alignment between two Canadian Manufacturers leverages synergies to provide both firms with lower costs and improved access to market.

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Every year, more than 60 students from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada come together to design and build a fully autonomous sailboat, a SailBot. But this year, the SailBot team is taking it a step further and building a... read more