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Report on the Octopus Hydraulic Drive for a 2010 Hanse 37

At Sound Sailing Center, we like to research and select the best products for our customers. This is certainly one of the reasons we are often the largest East Coast dealer for Hanse Yachts.   Furthermore, with a sister product development company (Dutchman) we are familiar with the challenges facing companies in the Marine Industry. 


For sailboat installations, flexibility is the key, which is one of the primary reasons we selected an Octopus Drive.  The many options seemed overfill at first, but by making a simple mockup of the drive (using an old caulking cartridge and a outer tube) and trying out different installation configurations, we quickly were able to select the best drive, which saved a considerable amount of installation time. 


As usual, with good planning, the installation was quite easy.  Note that we cut a hole to allow the piston rod to pass thru.  We will add a bellows type seal, but otherwise, this installation is extremely satisfactory. 


Of course, the real test is underway.  We did the seatrials today, and were astonished at the accuracy of the drive, which is mated to Simrad electronics.  It is far quieter than I expected. We also selected the optional reservoir on the drive, which offers an additional reduction in feedback friction from 30 lbs to 15 lbs.  The resistance is far less that with any other Hydraulic drive we have used, and comparable to the best electric drives. Note that the Hanse 375 and 430 which have your drives will be the Hanse USA boat show boats at Newport and likely Annapolis 2010, so interested parties can see them firsthand. 


We will be using your drives on all future installations. 


Martin van Breems SSC/MVB 

Sound Sailing Centre. 

CT 06855 USA 

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