From Local Foundry to Global Marine Solutions Provider

CMP Group traces its roots back to a foundry established in the early 1900s in Vancouver, initially serving the region’s plumbing and forestry industries. Leveraging its expertise in non-ferrous metal casting, the company ventured into the commercial marine market, developing high-quality zinc and aluminum anodes. This marked the beginning of CMP’s transformation into a trusted global supplier of die-cast anodes for the marine pleasure craft industry.

Throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s, the CMP Group embraced a strategy of dynamic growth through acquisitions and internal development

Timeline of CMP Group's milestone events

Strategic Growth & Commitment to Marine Solutions

Noteworthy milestone:

  • Diversification into dock equipment, marine accessories, and autopilot systems through strategic acquisitions, reinforcing CMP’s leadership in marine solutions

Today’s CMP Group

Operating on a global scale, CMP Group maintains offices and manufacturing facilities in Canada, the United States, Italy, and China. With comprehensive capabilities in die-casting, CNC machining, metal fabrication, plastics extrusion, and roto-molding, the group produces and sources over 10,000 products for military, commercial, and recreational marine markets.

Each brand under the CMP umbrella is united by a commitment to innovation, quality, and environmentally sustainable solutions.

Our Mission

Dedicated to maintaining market leadership, CMP Group thrives on continuous innovation and operational excellence. We pride ourselves on developing unique, high-quality products that adhere to our strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Our journey from a modest local foundry to an international leader in the marine industry is propelled by the ongoing support and loyalty of our valued customers.

We Are

  • Global: With offices on four continents, serving customers worldwide
  • Innovative: Leading the industry with groundbreaking products like specialized alloys, solar lights, and air cushion bumpers
  • Diverse: Offering over 10,000 products that cater to a wide range of industries and markets
  • Engaging: Actively connecting with customers and stakeholders through social media, trade shows, and direct interactions
  • Green: Focused on environmentally responsible products and practices

CMP Group Ltd. stands as a global leader in the marine industry, delivering diverse and quality product lines with a commitment to excellence, innovation, and teamwork. Our efforts in environmental sustainability and our company culture are integral to our mission, as we work to captivate our customers with superior quality, value, service, and innovation while respecting our environment and nurturing our employees’ growth and passion.

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