Assembly, Packing & Coating

Ready Made for you!

CMP offers more than manufacturing and processing of metals. After many years of customer input and feedback we understand many require a complete product that is ready to install or ready to sell in a retail situation. Everyone is always looking for ways to reduce cost and redundant process steps.

We can offer ideas and solutions that can simplify the procurement process for our customer and reduce manufacturing costs. Let CMP share this information to streamline your processes and reduce your risk potential by supplying more than the as-cast product.

We can help with initial design, manufacturing, coatings, assembly and custom packing. We really can provide a complete solution.

Assembly & Packaging

Over the years, we have had many requests to add components to the parts we produce or offer special packaging for use in warehouse picking systems or even retail locations. CMP Group has the ability to assemble and test products in house as evident with the hydraulic products we produce.

We also offer a wide variety of packing options including; bar coded bulk packs, individual clamshell packs, kitted products and more.


Many of the products we produce for our customers require some form of coating. It may be for corrosion resistance or simply for cosmetic reasons. CMP Group works very closely with qualified coating suppliers to offer this additional service. By having CMP complete the coatings you are reducing suppliers and headaches as we are completely responsible and accountable for total product quality.

  • Chromate and Alodine
  • Electro-Coat (E-Coat or EDP)
  • Anodizing
  • Powder Coating
  • Decorative Gold Plating
  • Decorative & Industrial Chrome Plating
  • Impregnation for Pressure Tight Casting


It is common for products to require simple holes and threads or a better than cast surface finish while still having a low part cost. CMP Group has many pieces of equipment available to offer cost-effective simple finishing in-house without having to go through the more expensive CNC machining or polishing equipment. If simple, low-cost and solid quality is important, this equipment can be useful.

  • Hydraulic & Mechanical Trim Presses
  • Grinding Wheels and Belts
  • Parts Washing Machines
  • Vibratory Bowls
  • Bead Blasting
  • Drilling and Tapping Machines
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