Engineering & Design

Let our Design Experience Work for You!

CMP will work with you from the initial concept or design stage of your product. By involving CMP at this stage, we can offer ideas to make your product manufacturing friendly thus reducing costs and/or creating a more robust process. This can lead to great part quality and extended tool life. We use both SolidWorks, MasterCam for Programming, and AutoCAD for 3-D design and can accept electronic files in several formats. If you have a particular project you would like us to assist with, or even a concept, please contact us.

CMP offers more than manufacturing and processing of metals. After many years of customer input and feedback we understand many require a complete product that is ready to install or ready to sell in a retail situation. Everyone is always looking for ways to reduce cost and redundant process steps.

We can offer ideas and solutions that can simplify the procurement process for our customer and reduce manufacturing costs. Let CMP Group Ltd. share this information to streamline your processes and reduce your risk potential by supplying more than the as-cast product.

We can help with initial design, manufacturing, coatings, assembly and custom packing. We really can provide a complete solution.

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