What is Extruding?


Extruding is a manufacturing process used to produce profile shapes with a cross-sectional design. Profiles can be made in solid form or extruded with intricate internal walls. The cavity walls provide structural reinforcement and cushioned impact protection in combination with the air inside the profile.

CMP specializes in extruding marine-grade flexible PVC which is formulated not to chip or crack. Our PVC is also unaffected by oil, gas or salt water and contains UV inhibitors and fungicides to prevent fading and deterioration.

CMP is proud to offer custom profiles in flexible PVC to customers with their own unique designs where significant volume is required. We can assist you in the design and manufacturing of tooling to supply your requirements in a variety of standard colors. A complete range of extruded products and accessories are available where Dock Edge + products are sold.

Plastic Extrusion

 Marine Grade Flexible PVC

 UV Inhibitors & Fungicides

 Profiles to 6″ square, Length 16 ft.

 In-house Tooling

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