CMP Group Ltd. is a global manufacturing company with five manufacturing and distribution facilities in Canada, the United States, Italy, and China, specializing in catering to the needs of both recreational and commercial marine sectors.

Our portfolio comprises a prestigious lineup of brands that offers solutions across diverse industry segments, such as anchoring and ground tackle, corrosion prevention, dock and boat accessories, and steering and control systems.


Our company produces and sources over 10,000 products, servicing military, commercial, and recreational fishing and marine markets.

IntelliSteer Wireless Steering
IntelliSteer Wireless Steering

CMP Group Ltd. is a world class manufacturer of marine products and parts, in these four categories:

Corrosion Protection


Dock & Boat

and Controls

CMP Group operates globally with manufacturing facilities in Canada, the United States, Italy, and China, offering diverse marine products to military, commercial, and recreational marine markets. Our commitment to innovation, development, and environmental sustainability defines us as a market leader.

CMP Services

With years of invaluable customer input and feedback, CMP Group has mastered the art of cost reduction and streamlining manufacturing processes. Our expertise spans from design to casting, machining, coatings, assembly, and packaging, well-equipped to optimize every step of the way.

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