Steering and Controls

Critical Components to Ensure Safe and Efficient Navigation


Play a crucial role in the responsiveness, maneuverability, and overall efficiency in operating a boat




At the heart of our diverse range of steering and control systems lies a dedication to empowering operators with choice and flexibility.

Whether it’s offering multiple steering options for different propulsion setups or providing intuitive control interfaces that adapt to various vessel configurations, our solutions give operators the freedom to customize their boating experience.

Remote steering solutions for auxillary motors

Wired and wireless precision speed control for trolling

Self-adjusting steering for auxiliary outboard motors

Autopilot and hydraulic steering systems

IntelliSteer by Octopus: remote steering solutions

Steering and control systems form integral components of modern marine technology, enhancing safety, efficiency, and performance for vessels of all sizes and types.

“The Octopus Type B connection kit was a breeze, I had that installed within 45 minutes, it could not have been easier.

Overall the unit has been great, my wife and I recently fished some difficult seas with 2 ft. waves coming from the north and 4 ft. rollers from the SW left over from the night before. The autopilot kept me on a straight line, better than I could have.

The whole time Kim and I were busy at the back with no worries on getting back to the helm. Your autopilot saved my marriage!”

Kevin Fleming

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