CMP Group Ltd Announces the Launch of G2 XPS Power Steering System

CMP is excited to announce the launch of the NEW generation of our XPS Power Steering System at IBEX this year. This new patented advanced steering system is engineered to make steering your boat as effortless as the vehicle you drive.

The Panther XPS combines cable and hydraulic steering by using stored power that delivers high-pressure hydraulic fluid to a patented cylinder so the pump only operates when needed. This amounts to only10% of the typical Engine’s run time for power-assisted systems. Most pumps either run continuously or turn on when there is steering input to the steering wheel. The XPS’s limited run time saves power and reduces the risk of dead batteries. This hybrid steering system reverts to cable steering in the unlikely event of a power hydraulic system failure.

No matter the vessel you operate, XPS offers affordability, confidence, fit and all around ease of operation. The product is easy to install, and utilizes the most innovative and effective design to make installing and using the system seamless and effortless. The system in use will have the same feel and use as an automobile power steering system. As well, once installed, the existing Cable steering will act as safety back up in case of any system failure.

The system exceeds ABYC mechanical and hydraulic steering standards. The many features of this system far exceed any other similar products on the market today.

It eliminates prop torque, it is easy to maneuver in tight quarters especially around docks and landings, it is designed to fit any boat or pontoon that can use single cable steering, only requiring 24” total, the cylinder can be fully extended without interference with boat decks, splash wells or engine pods and it fits on outboard engines from 90-250Hp.

This system will allow you to save time and money as it utilizes the existing mechanical steering system, which means no need to purchase separate cables and steering components. The self-bleeding hoses also ensure no extra time or cost is needed during the installation. With the innovative pump and accumulator design, this system stores power and energy, allowing for short pump run- times, utilizing less power and ultimately lower the amount of draw from the battery. This reduces the risk of battery depletion, and ensures the life of the battery is extended.

Watch Jon Thelen, the host of Destination Fish television, talk about G2 XPS Power Steering System and change the way you look at boating.

“The Panther XPS G2’s innovative & compact design brings true “finger steering” to cable steer boats opening a whole new level of enjoyment on the water. From pulling towables across the lake to close docking situations, the XPS G2 makes the entire steering experience effortless.” said CMP Group president Don Hambly.

The new XPS G2 Power Steering system will carry a retail price of $1500.00 and will be available to all industries in the Fall of 2022.

You can learn more about this product and see more information by visiting or come visit the CMP Group booth at the IBEX show.

This product has been nominated for innovation of the year, as part of the IBEX innovation award ceremony during this year’s show.

Come talk to us!

IBEX 2022 | September 27-29, 2022
Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, FL USA
Booth # 3-736

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