Manufacturing: Engineering, Testing and Assembly

Experience a seamless and integrated approach to manufacturing, testing, and  assembly.

The marine industry demands precision, reliability, and innovation. Our experience positions us as leaders in providing solutions that meet and exceed these expectations.

Benefit from our skilled team’s expertise across the entire spectrum, spanning design, engineering, precision testing, and assembly providing a complete solution.

Engineering and Design

Streamline Your Procurement Journey

Our goal is to reduce manufacturing costs and eliminate unnecessary steps. From the conceptual or design phase, CMP Group collaborates with you to optimize your product’s manufacturability, resulting in cost savings and a robust production process.

Our Expertise:

  • SolidWorks, MasterCam, AutoCAD for 3-D design
  • Flexibility in handling electronic files
  • Forward-thinking ideas and solutions to minimize costs

Precision Testing

Commitment to Top-Notch Quality

Our alloys undergo daily testing to meet stringent specifications. Using CMM equipment and custom fixtures, we ensure critical features are measured precisely. For pressure-tight requirements, we construct custom equipment. 

Our Capabilities:

  • Alloy Testing:
    • Thermo Scientific ARL 3460, Optical Emission Spectrometer
    • Aurora Instruments AI 1200, Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
  • Coordinate Measuring Machines:
    • Starrett HGC 2018-16 Manual CMM
    • AEH MQ-686 CNC CMM
  • Gauges & Fixtures:
    • Specialized Bore Gauges
    • Custom Leak Test Fixtures
    • Various Pin & Thread Gauges

Assembly and Packaging

Sustainable and Custom Solutions

We assemble and test products in-house, offering a wide variety of sustainable packing options to meet your needs, including warehouse picking systems and retail locations.

Our Services:

  • Bar coded bulk packs
  • Sustainable packaging options (e.g., recycled cardboard, biodegradable materials)
  • Kitted products
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