Forming: Stamping, Rotomolding, and Extruding

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Stamping (Pressing, Punching)


  • Process: A metal forming process that uses a press to apply force to a sheet metal blank, forcing it into a die to create a desired shape. The process may involve a single stage or multiple stages to achieve the final form.
  • Materials: Mainly used for sheet metal materials, including steel and aluminum.
  • Applications: Stamping is an efficient cost-effective method for producing metal parts in significant volume where a final part design can be achieved in a series of progressions resulting in parts with dimensional complexity manufactured through a controlled process.

Rotational Molding
(Roto Molding)


  • Process: A manufacturing process for producing hollow parts involves heating a plastic material in a mold while rotating it biaxially. The molten material coats the interior of the mold, creating a seamless, hollow product when it cools and solidifies. The fully automated line at the CMP Vaughan ON manufacturing facility provides a temperature-controlled process with rapid cooling and large-capacity mold capability.
  • Materials: Typically used with polyethylene and other thermoplastics.
  • Applications: The controlled process is a cost-effective method of manufacturing durable container-like products which are environmentally friendly and used in a variety of industries including marine, automotive, recreational, and more.



  • Process: A manufacturing process used to produce profile shapes with a cross-sectional design. Profiles can be made in solid form or extruded with intricate internal walls. The cavity walls provide structural reinforcement and cushioned impact protection in combination with the air inside the profile. 
  • Materials: Our PVC is specially formulated to resist chipping or cracking, unaffected by oil, gas, or saltwater, and includes UV inhibitors and fungicides for durability. Offering custom profiles, we assist customers with unique designs requiring significant volume, providing design and manufacturing support with a range of standard color options.
  • Applications: Extrusion is used to produce a wide range of products, including pipes, tubes, profiles, and various plastic and metal components.
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