As the hurricane season approaches, ensuring the safety and security of your boat becomes a top priority.

The raw power of hurricanes can be relentless, posing significant risks to both vessels and boaters. But fear not, for there are essential products in the boating world that can provide protection against the forces of nature.

Three crucial pieces of boating gear are explored: Rocna AnchorsDock Edge+ Fenders, and Titan Marine Mooring Chains. Together, they form a formidable defence, securing your boat and safeguarding against collisions, drifting, and potential damage. From the mighty holding power of the Rocna Anchors to the impact resistance of Dock Edge+ Fenders, and the reliability of Titan Mooring Chains, let’s dive into the realm of hurricane preparedness to equip your boat with the ultimate protection for the stormy seas ahead.

1. Ground Tackle: Rocna Anchors

A strong anchor secures a boat, preventing it from being swept away by strong winds and storm surge. It acts as a reliable resistance point against powerful forces, protecting the vessel, preventing collisions, and minimizing damage. A securely anchored boat during a hurricane ensures crew safety and reduces the risk of drifting into dangerous areas like shallow waters, reefs, or other boats.

Rocna Anchors Excel in:

Holding power: Due to their concave fluke design, Rocna Anchors offer deep penetration and reliability across diverse seabed conditions like sand, mud, and grass.

Versatility: Rocna Anchors perform reliably in different anchoring situations, including challenging conditions with high winds and strong currents.

Quality Construction: Constructed from high-strength steel, Rocna anchors undergo rigorous manufacturing processes for durability and longevity, instilling boaters with confidence in their equipment.

Firsthand account from a satisfied Rocna Anchors customer who weathered the storms of hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017:

“I am in St Maarten on my Cheoy Lee 44′ and the boat just went through hurricanes Irma which was a direct hit with winds gusting to 250mph, and hurricane Maria right after with winds of 125mph. I had my boat in a marina with my Rocna 44 set on a 3/4″ anchor line in about 15 feet of water and that anchor never broke loose. It held through both storms and stopped the bow of my boat from moving in a lateral motion. This probably saved all my dock lines from breaking. As you may know, about 90% of all the boats on the island sank, so I consider myself very lucky. I have owned boats for 35 years and your anchor is the best I have owned so far.” — Rourke Henderson, Rocna 44

2. Protection Against Impact: Dock Edge+ Fenders

During a hurricane, fenders provide cushioning between boats and structures, preventing damage. They create a barrier that minimizes collisions and entanglements in crowded areas. Fenders also enhance stability by offering buoyancy and support. Properly sized and positioned fenders during a hurricane provide peace of mind.

Dock Edge+ fenders are known for their durability. They are constructed using high-quality materials that can withstand harsh marine environments, including exposure to sun, saltwater, and abrasion. This durability ensures that the fenders can provide reliable protection for an extended period.

Dock Edge+ Fenders Provide:

Impact Resistance: Designed to absorb impact and protect both your boat and the dock, our fenders act as a buffer between your boat and the dock, minimizing the risk of damage caused by collisions or rubbing against hard surfaces.

Versatility: Dock Edge+ fenders are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different docking situations. Whether you have a small boat or a larger vessel, we can offer fenders that provide optimal protection and fitment for your boat.

Resilience: Tested for many years in various marine environments worldwide, Dock Edge+ fenders resist deterioration from mildew, gas, oil, seawater, and bacteria and have built-in ultraviolet inhibitors.

3. Mooring Chain: Titan Marine Products

In preparation for hurricane season, be sure that your mooring chain is in excellent condition to enhance the reliability and safety of your boat’s anchoring system during hurricane season. A well-maintained and properly sized chain can provide the necessary strength and security to help keep your vessel safely moored during the storm.

Titan Marine Products steel and stainless-steel chains are proof-tested and engineered in Canada to ensure that they meet or exceed industry specifications.

We take great care to ensure the quality and reliability of our chains with:

Proof-Testing: Each chain produced by Titan Marine Products undergoes a rigorous proof-testing process, subjecting the chains to loads that exceed their working load limits and ensuring they can withstand the forces experienced during anchoring and mooring.

Engineering Standards: The chains are engineered in Canada with a focus on meeting or exceeding industry specifications. We take pride in producing chains that meet stringent engineering standards.

Quality Assurance: Through our manufacturing processes, we maintain a strong commitment to quality assurance by monitoring the chain’s production and ensure consistent quality throughout each batch.

Our chains are designed to withstand the demanding conditions of marine environments, providing boaters with peace of mind during anchoring and mooring operations.

Contact us today for all of your hurricane season prep essentials. Please reach out to us at with any questions.

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