Over the years, CMP’s Martyr Anodes have been moving towards non-toxic alternatives to zinc while ensuring that the quality and cost of our products are not jeopardized. And now, our push for Aluminium anodes as an alternative to Zinc has been highlighted in the February/March issues of International Boating Industry.

It notes that Aluminium anodes provide many advantages over the traditional zinc anodes. Aluminum exceeds the performance of zinc, while alleviating environmental concerns, and have come to cost less than the zinc, providing prices for distributors and dealers alike.

CMP has found that Aluminum lasts up to 50% longer than a similar size of zinc anodes. Aluminum is also much lighter in weight than zinc making warehousing and shipping far more manageable. On top of this, the cost of zinc has also been in recent years, rising to approximately US$1.44 per pound today.

Read the full article here.

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