Finding That Sweet Spot

The key to trolling strategy is finding just the right speed to keep pace with the catch of the day.  Executing with the finesse it takes to pinpoint that exact speed with your outboard or kicker motor isn’t easy, especially when winds or higher seas kick up.

Add some guests with a few reels on the go and repeating that perfect pace can become fairly challenging given everything else you might be managing out on the water.

Fish like the pros with wireless trolling and simplify the entire process. Let a Trollmaster PRO Angler Wireless system help you up your game and reel more in.

Trollmaster Pro Angler Wireless

Wireless Freedom

Fishing with family or friends is much easier to manage with the convenience and mobility of the Trollmaster PRO Angler Wireless system.  The remote gives you greater flexibility to control the motor while you and your guests pursue that trophy-worthy catch.

And if you’re out on your own, controlling the motor while netting a fish is far easier with the use of a remote than by hand.

Manually control your trolling speed and steer* with just a touch of a few buttons from the convenience of your handheld remote. The Trollmaster PRO Angler Wireless Remote also comes with Strike Mode as described below.

* Panther Electro Steer system required

Complete Control In the Palm of Your Hand

Handheld or hung from a lanyard, it’s there when you need it.  With a range of 250 speed increments, the Trollmaster PRO Angler Wireless remote lets you easily pinpoint and return to that perfect speed over and over with far greater efficiency than by working the handle on your outboard or kicker.

Incrementally increase the speed with the rabbit icon button and step your speed back down with the turtle icon button. This precision is your biggest advantage and essential to consistently land the fish you’re after on a given day.  Exact control of your speed and direction are yours wirelessly – from anywhere in the boat.

Rapid speed adjustment is achieved by holding either speed button for two seconds to adjust your speed by 10 increments.  Releasing the button and pressing once more returns to single increment adjustments.

Need to quickly cut the engine? Hit the idle button to throttle down any time you need to.  Hit the button again and you’re back up to the exact trolling setting previously used.

Need to suddenly maneuver out of a tight spot? Max Throttle will give you a burst of speed any time you need it.  Pressing and holding the Max Throttle button achieves roughly 80% of full power to get a quick move on.  Releasing the button again returns you to the trolling speed you set earlier.

Pressing the Left or Right Arrow button moves the motor in small increments.  Press and hold either button to move the motor in larger increments.

It Almost Isn’t Fair

With previous versions, you’d use Max Throttle to flutter your lures to draw attention from nearby fish with a short burst of speed. The Trollmaster PRO Angler Wireless remote now comes with Strike Mode, which comes with four programs to flutter your lures automatically, attracting more strikes without you having to think about it. Each of these programs briefly increases your engine speed in timed increments of two to six minutes.

Leverage consistent speed in combination with Strike Mode and raise the bar on your results.

Simply Catch More Fish

Enjoy the thrill of the chase that much more with the Trollmaster PRO Angler Wireless system’s effortless control of your motor.  Precision speed and steering combined with Strike Mode greatly increase trolling efficiency and are a complete game-changer for outstanding results on the water.

Jon Thelen Destination Fish TV

Jon Thelen, Destination Fish TV

The Gear

System requirements:

  • remote/receiver/servo kit
  • motor-specific hardware kit

Remote on its own easily pairs with existing Trollmaster receivers and Panther Electro Steer Models. Easy install on most popular kicker motors.

Step-by-step instructions are available to view and download on our website.

Visit for full details and order yours today.

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